Best Poe Security Camera System

Given how broken the world is today, you need to have eyes in every corner and keep vigilant. Aren’t we all tired of looking at news of the perp getting away simply because their camera system did not have an adequate resolution or angle? Don’t we all ponder, why don’t people learn from these headlines and invest in better security camera systems to keep their homes or businesses safe? It is about time you realize that you do not need to wait for some mishap to happen to invest in the best Poe security camera system.

With market saturation, finding the right Poe Security Camera for your place can be tricky. It is also difficult for newbies who do not know the technicalities involved in it. So, keep reading this article, and you will attain all the information you require to purchase the best outdoor Poe camera system for your home or office.

Poe security camera system means power over the ethernet system. All of your cameras utilize the ethernet cable to power themselves and transmit data as well. We have consolidated the top 5 camera systems for you to get your hands on. The best Poe camera systems offer transmission of data without any lags or delays, show a clear image throughout the day, and do not give up when placed to face the outdoors.

Below are the top-rated Poe camera systems

​Reolink 4MP 8H PoE Video Surveillance System

​Reolink offer two styled cameras, two bullet-shaped and the other two as a dome, providing flexibility in placement and recording.  These cameras are super easy to set up as they come with a brochure with all the steps laid out. What makes this Poe camera system stand out is the wide view angle and in-built microphone that makes you aware of the situation at hand.

You can easily link the camera system to your phone and Tv/PC. Reolink Poe cameras are sensitive motion detectors. The Poe camera system email you 30-second clips of videos whenever the camera detects a stimulus. You can also then save and upload captured images and videos for proof. There is no need to worry about camera placement as this system comes with 59 ft, 8 pin network cables. These cans stretch to 270 ft via CAT5 and 330 ft via CAT6 ethernet wiring. So, place the cameras to your liking without having to worry about cable length. 

At nighttime, the night vision can detect any stimulus to a 100 ft. There is also the feature of customizing the detection zone. These cut out the false motion triggers, which means you will not be sent necessary continuous emails of birds or insects flying by.

Top Featu​res

Package includes the Poe NVR, 4 cameras(2 x 4MP Cam B400 and 2 x 4MP Cam D400), 1 NVR adaptor, 1 USB Mouse, 1 1M cat5 Cable, 4 x 18M Cat5 cable, 1 x 1M HDMI Cable and 1 quick start brochure to set things up.

Camera specifications: Lens offers 80° Horizontal and 58° vertical angles with added night vision as far as 65-100ft. Through 18pcs of IR LEDs. These also have a built-in microphone for added details on intruders. Playback can be achieved by viewing 4 cameras simultaneously.

Remote access offered through iPhone/Android Phone, Windows/Mac PC. This allows you to check the live feed from anywhere and anytime. The pre-installed 2TB hard drives enable continuous recording and transmission.

​Special Note

If you want an instant and clear video and audio of perps creating havoc, then this system should be the go-to Poe security camera system for you!


  • ​Crystal clear audio
  • ​Access live footage through the phone app
  • ​Highly sensitive
  • ​Easy setup
  • ​No need for additional cables


  • ​Cannot be zoomed
  • ​Unsuitable power supply adaptor
  • ​Have to access NVR for some features rather than the app

SAFEVANT Full HD Home NVR System , PoE Security Camera Systems

This is the best of all outdoor Poe camera security systems. The package is equipped with everything you may need to set up a foolproof security system. The bullet cameras are perfect for an outdoor setting as they are metal. These 1080p cameras also offer night vision that can make out images as far as 60 feet. You can easily connect your Poe security cameras with the NVR that, in turn, connects with your tv or pc for full-time surveillance. All that is needed is an installation of a CMS software to set the system up.

It is titled the best wired outdoor security camera as it records without any lags or glitches. They have made it possible to check the live feed from anywhere through their free mobile app. The vigilant Poe system is also a motion detector. As it starts to record when the motion is detected and stops when it halts. It emails the user the alert notification of the recording. Hence making it the most alert of systems if any mishap befalls you or your family/office/business. These cameras promise durability and effectiveness in recording even if they are placed far away from the NVR system.

Top Features

Includes, 4CH NVR, Pre-installed 1TB HDD, 4 1080P cameras, 4 60ft network cables to go with them, 1 power supply, 1 USB mouse, 1 3.3ft. Network Cable, 4 screw bags, and a manual CD to set the system up and running. 

Cameras are made of weatherproof metal, bullet-shaped, 2MP Poe NVR Surveillance camera system. 1 TB Hard drive allows you to continuously record. Motion sensitive cameras send notifications through email to your phone when movement is detected.

HD and night vision cameras provide a clear image in the dark with the help of the IR-LED system as far as 60 feet.

NVR can be connected with TC/PC monitor through an HDMI or VGA cable. Accessibility through the free mobile app providing live feed whenever desired.

Special Note

The fully-equipped security system, ready to reveal the perpetrators, be it day or night through its active alerting system.


  • ​Strong signals
  • ​Live access through mobile app anywhere
  • ​Weatherproof system
  • ​Durable


  • ​No hard drive included
  • ​Short ethernet cable
  • ​Confusing setup

​Swann 8 Channel 4 Camera Security System

Swann promises the best IP security camera systems by providing its users with a sharp and crisp video alongside added features that prove to be a cherry on top. Talking about clarity, the Swann Poe security camera not only shows vivid images in the day but also delivers clarity at night. The system can provide clarity up to a distance of 100ft in black and white, but it comes with a twist. Upon sensing motion and thermal detection, the warning light goes off and manages to capture a clear-cut video in color (up to 32ft.). This not only scares away perpetrators but also manages to catch them in action much vividly. The thermal detect also negates false alarms and prevents the system from sending unwanted notifications.

Backed by Dropbox, offering vast storage and the ability to link with Alexa and Google assistant, this Poe camera system is the one to beat.

Top Features

It contains 4 cameras, 8 channel DVR-4580 wired surveillance with 1080p resolution.  Cameras have a True Detect feature that has thermal sensing motion detection in any weather.

It can be linked with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Dropbox. Stills get saved in the dropbox when motion is detected. The system sends Push notifications to your smartphone to notify about unexpected movement, through the Home view Safe App.

Has Quick Shot and Quick Review to playback easily. Can playback from different cameras simultaneously to reach the capture of interest without unnecessary delay. The system is also docked with a Smart search. Focuses movement near the stolen object(s).

​Special Note

One of the best wired outdoor security camera systems that follow voice command. Works hand in hand with Google Assistant, Alexa, and storage with DropBox.


  • ​Easy to use DVR
  • ​Crisp and clear image day and night
  • ​No glitches or delays
  • ​Sensitive and quick alert by system
  • ​Wide view camera


  • ​No clear direction on how to activate motion detection
  • ​No audio features

​Amcrest Ultra HD 4K (8Mp) Outdoor Bullet POE IP Camera

​If, till now, you didn't take any sides in the amcrest vs. Reolink war, then the following review will make Amcrest's position crystal clear. This Poe camera security system is one to beat but still stands at 5th. That is mainly due to its inability to record audio and the number of system downloads one has to go through to get the system up and running.
Though there is no doubt about its quality and durability. The Amcrest still stands tall above hundreds of brands and is your security partner for ages. The striking feature of this system has to be the sharp and vivid image displayed on the praiseworthy wide camera angle. Not to forget the selective 16x zoom that will not miss any number plate or face you wish to focus on. Amcrest’sPoe camera system will not let you down in the dark, too, with their impressive Sony Starvis low light-enhancing capability.
Sit back and relax and keep an eye on your prized possessions through their easy to use the app. It alerts on motion detection and keeps you updated on possible perps.

Top Features

​The camera offers Ultra HD 4k resolution with a wide camera angle of 112 degrees and 16x selective zoom. The night vision is aided by Sony Starvis 8MP backed by illuminating IR Led to show crystal clear image as far as 131 ft.
The outdoor Poe system can withstand extremes of weather with the help of IP67 metal housing. Record and store data easily on your computer, NAS, Micro SD card, Amcrest NVR, FTP, or Amcrest Cloud that offers a 7, 14, or 30-day plan. Go through the whole day through playback via compatible software on your PC or Mac.
You can view live feed anywhere and anytime aided by push notifications from the Amcrest view app. Storing data is also made easy through dual video compression that reduces the file size and bandwidth of recordings with the [email protected]^% technology

Special Note

​If you want a simple, unique, yet affordable Poe camera system, the Amcrest 4K camera security system won’t let you down.


  • ​Has zooming abilities
  • ​Clear 4k Ultra HD image
  • ​Wide camera angle
  • ​Easy installation


  • ​No audio is available
  • ​Complicated system setup
  • ​PC view requires additional file download

​A-Zone Security 4 Channel 1920P NVR HD 1080P IP PoE Security Camera System

If you want 24/7 surveillance of your home or business, then the A-zone Poe security camera system is yet another ethernet system worth looking into. These cameras are ranked third in our best wired outdoor security systems due to their outstanding weatherproof features and superb clarity in audio and video. A-zone Poe camera promises trigger recording through motion detection that alerts the user if an unexpected stimulus is caught by the camera. Users can easily view the live feed from anywhere through their smartphones or tablets. You can also link the device to PC or Tv for all-time viewing.

At night the cameras can view a clear image up to the distance of 100-115ft. The data is transmitted on ethernet without any lags or delays and store the recording on the pre-installed 1TB. The data recording range can efficiently be maximized to 6TB data to keep track of precious footage. Setting it up is a breeze, as the Poe security camera is docked with simple wiring to each IP camera. They ensure that every nook and cranny is covered with their 90-degree angle view and adjustable design.

Top Features

Package has four bullet-shaped cameras, an NVR system with 4 channel playback capacity, pre-installed 1TB capacity that is expandable up to 6TB. To support the system, there are 4 ethernet cables, 2 USB interfaces, and VGA/HDMI cables.

Cameras are 2MP with (1080p) high resolution and focusing ability up to 100ft. (30m) in night vision. Lens has a 90-degree angle coverage and measures 2.8mm. These have motion detection ability when an unexpected stimulus is detected.

Accessibility on phone, PC, TV, web view, or tablets. Footage can be shared with anyone anywhere through customizable sharing permissions.

​Special Note

This contemporary Poe Security system provides outstanding clarity in broad daylight as well as pitch-black nights. It offers an anti-reflective and high-resolution image with a simple setup system.


  • ​Clear picture even at night
  • ​Weatherproof
  • ​Customizable sharing permissions
  • ​Expandable HDD for more storage


  • ​Lacks a well-written manual
  • ​Phone app works only in a limited range
  • ​Power input wires on cameras are unnecessary

​What To Consider Before Buying the ​Best Poe Security Camera System ? 

​When wanting to purchase the best wired outdoor security system, you must not only consider the price point and ease of accessibility to the product itself. But, a little research does no one harm. It goes a long way, as investing hundreds of dollars on a security system that is not secure at all is going to get you stuck amid trouble and mishaps.

We offered you state-of-the-art Poe security camera systems that promise to keep you, your loved ones, and your prized possessions safe and sound. Still, there are some features you need to keep in mind before buying such a security system. You have to keep a clear view of what needs protecting or how vast the area of coverage that needs surveillance is. Because one small miscalculation will become the reason, hundreds of dollars go down the drain. It may just be a camera system, but believe it or not, every Poe security camera system should be user-specific as it promises more security and a sense of safety.

​​​How To Choose the ​Best Poe Security Camera System ?

​We will help you map out a checklist to be able to select the best possible outdoor Poe camera security system. The following buyer's guide is going to aid you in ticking off boxes when confused before hundreds of similar security camera systems.

​​Why a Security System?

​You just cannot wait for a mishap to turn your train of thought and compel you to purchase a security system. In this day and age, trusting everyone can be a mistake, from the delivery trucks always trashing the mailbox to the shady babysitter or the roughhousing neighbors. A sound quality security system inside and outside the house, warehouse, or office can calm your weak nerves.

Why Poe? Power over ethernet system allows you to stay in touch with your camera system even when you aren't near it. Systems reviewed above will enable you to stay connected to your security systems through the internet.

​Poe Setup

Before getting to the nit and grit of the Poe system, it is essential to understand the setup. When setting up the best wired outdoor security camera system, one would want an easy installation process. Getting the wires through the attic and other nook and crannies can be quite tiresome.

The Poe camera system that offers a proper set of manual and customer service is the best option to invest in. Not everyone is excellent with wires and computer installation program. The best Poe camera setup will be understandable to the layman and will not require further unnecessary downloads or installations. It has to link with your PC or TV seamlessly to allow full-time surveillance.

​How Important is the App?

A sound Poe security camera system will have a user-friendly app. The above-mentioned systems, all have such an app and alert the user on unwanted or suspected activity. The ability to focus on dangerous and unnecessary stimuli can be checked by seeing whether the camera system offers zoom, focus, and thermal detect. No one wishes to be alerted when a wee insect flies by the camera lens, do they?

​Added Features

​Weatherproof, night vision, image clarity in day and night, and motion detection are all essential details that the best Ip security camera system should possess. The resolution and megapixels should be high enough to allow the visibility of the intruder's face or number plate.

The camera must not fail to focus on tiny details, especially when you have loved ones on the line. Make sure to check the angulation and degree coverage of the camera as these are key in getting the full action. Playback of all cameras simultaneously is always an added bonus as you do not have to go through all cameras singularly.


​Whichever camera system spikes your interest, check their storage capacity. The NVR system, with an expandable data storage or files saved in DropBox, are great features to have in the best Poe security camera.


We presented you with the Best outdoor camera systems and tips to keep in mind when opting to buy a Poe security camera system. The Poe cameras and their NVR units don’t come cheap. So, whatever decision you make should be well calculated. As you do not want to go install huge network wires and screw in cameras for nothing.

Make sure to weigh in the pros and cons when stuck between two companies or brands such as the Amcrest vs. Reolink kerfuffle. Weigh in your needs and specifications first and then compare it to the features provided by the Poe camera systems.

If you follow other people's reviews on specific brands, without looking into your own user specifications and limitations, you will end up in an unwanted security mess. Make sure whatever Poe camera system you opt to choose, respects your privacy, and does not gift you with glitches and lags in data transmission.

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