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Best Vertical HF Antennas

​Super Antenna MP1DXMAX

​Hustler 6-BTV Vertical antenna

​OPEK HVT-400B HF/VHF Multi-Band Mobile Antenna

If you are planning to have your own amateur radio station in your backyard, it is time you go through the reviews of the best vertical HF antennas. Vertical or dipole antennas come handy in many ways for the quick and effective setup for a ham radio station. Usually, ham stations are for personal communication in moderate ranges or DXing. For these purposes, you obviously need a supportive antenna that can help to transfer waves clearly. 

Today, I am not only suggesting you to get a VHF or HF vertical antenna but also guiding you to get a good one by reviewing the best options for amateur stations and their buying guide. These discussions below can help you get the right product shortly even if you are not too aware of the functioning of any vertical radio antennas.

Many companies are claiming to sell the best HF vertical antenna no radials with lots of fake marketing. In this situation, you need to be a bit wiser to make sure you are spending your money on the right stuff. As my job is to help you understand everything without complicating anything, I am telling you in a line what the best ham radio HF vertical antenna can be. My experiences say antennas that can stand even in a narrow place and cover enough nearby range to transfer waves are truly the best vertical ones for people who have ham stations.

Reviews- Comparing the Best Vertical HF antennas

​As I have said, this article lets you get the best ham radio antenna by letting you compare the popular options among the users, not by any fake taglines like "Professional-style antenna" or "HF vertical antenna no radials that work". So, let's look at my top picks with their features and limitations. Also, you get to know the best radial set if you think you want some change in your antenna rather than replacing your antenna.

​MP1DXMAX Antenna by Super Antenna; Best Multiband HF Vertical Antenna


This super antenna product is designed with a lightweight facility. With just 1 pound of weight and with go-bag, a total of 5 pounds of weight offers super portability. 

This upgraded version of Super antenna with 80 meters of COIL length offers you so far the largest model available in the market. This super height ensures full frequencies to communicate soundly.

The super whip titanium metal alloy is flexible enough, that can be rolled up into 12" diameter circle. With this facility, you don't have to worry about wherever you are going.

The UM2 super mount assures you to be set intact at any condition like stormy, windy, or rainy whatever the condition is. Also, this can get attached to any surface available.

The manufacture has provided a user-friendly set up for everyone. With the structure, this can be placed on flat surfaces without any screw or drilling function. 

Special Note: With 20 meters of ringing height, this can be set up at any level ground, which means no worry about where to set it up.

​​What I ​ Like

  • ​In the field of tuners diversity, this antenna works perfectly
  • ​This is available with a corrosion resistance facility
  • ​Its lightweight design offers easy portability
  • ​The super height ensures full cover to a certain area

​​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​The first set up usage is tricky enough

​Hustler 6-BTV Vertical antenna


The best part of this 5BTV hustler antenna is its diverse function. This can be used both as a transmitter and receiver. So, though this you can do transmitting and receiving with just one antenna. 

This can be placed in the rooftop or ground level. But this works best at the rooftop as there is no interference of ground level. Its function can be a bit challenging on the ground level.

The 50-ohm optional length is required for attaching on the pipes or any other particles.

This HF vertical antenna tends to cover up to 80 meters that means the high frequency is being installed. 

The transmitting and receiving function set up system can be tricky to install. You have to be a little bit watchful while setting this up. By following up on the assembly instruction, this won't be any tough situation. 

Special Note: The high quality based antenna offers possible durability with diverse functions. 

​​What I ​ Like

  • ​This offers you a diverse function facility
  • ​It is designed to receive signals from miles and miles away
  • ​With 1500W peak envelope power (PEP), you can be benefited with the highest antenna transmitting
  • ​This product offers you pretty well durability

​​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​Though it doesn't require any extra tuner, yet there can be a problem with tuning performance

​HVT-400B HF/VHF Multi-Band Mobile Antenna by OPEK


This antenna provides you high-quality frequency range that conducts no problem with any of your area functions. The 6 feet extended length, this antenna works perfectly. 

With 72.83 inches of overall length, this antenna can catch the networking range without any trouble. The tall and sturdy function ensures durability. 

The indoor and outdoor operation both is available with this antenna. With the easy setup facility, it doesn't take much time for setting up.

​​What I ​ Like

  • ​This antenna offers you good portability
  • ​As it is for recreational use, this networking capacity is at best
  • ​It can handle a maximum of 120 Watts capacity

​​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​The Coil installation function can be tricky sometimes in rare conditions

​Super Antenna’s MP1LXMAX Portable VHF Antenna; Best Vertical HF Antennas for DXing


The tripod set up function lets you move with wherever you want to set the antenna up without any interference.

This 12 Ft extended height is suitable for a place that consists of struggles or disturbance. All obstacles can be perfectly encountered with the height of the antenna. 

Its super compatibility function can get connected with almost all radios available in the networking area. I think this sounds great that you are having this much facility at this reasonable price. 

Special Note: The UM3 Super Mount function allows you to set up on the sand easily as it has also SP3 super spike. 

​​What I ​ Like

  • ​From a lightweight function, you will get an easy portable facility
  • ​The go-bag easy compact saves your time and labour
  • ​In windy weather, it stays intact with the help of the SP3 super spike

​​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​The whole set up system can be time-consuming

​MFJ-1778M G5RV Junior Wire Antenna by MFJ Enterprises


If you do not want to spend a lot of money but want a so-so type radio station, then this is for you. 

To get a full signal, you have to place it at least36' above from the ground level otherwise this won’t work entirely. 

You can set it up as an inverted vee to be more compact. With this wire antenna, you can have a strong signal in a small area by setting it up like an inverted vee.

Special Note: This wire antenna is a non-resonant that is uni-directional. It comes with one networking process.

​​What I ​ Like

  • ​The center fed dipole is capable of the power watts of 15000
  • ​This wire antenna can be loaded well with low SWR
  • ​For a small lot, it works perfectly

​​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​The ceramic insulators may tangle after using it for a long time

​MP1C All Band HF VHF Ham Radio Portable by Super Antenna


This MP1 super antenna can be widely used for indoor and outdoor purposes. Whether on the rooftop or in the balcony, you can set it up anywhere. Thus, it provides you the big signal in a small package. 

This new version comes with a super slider coil that is self-locking. So, you don't have to manually insert the program. So, it doesn't create any trouble for you.

This antenna is super easy to assemble even without tools it just takes two minutes to set up. 

The black-colored simple designed antenna just holds 1 pound of weight that means, it is gifted with portable function. 

Special Note: Apart from the facilities, one thing you should notice that there is no mount included with the antenna. You need to buy it separately from the shop.

​​What I ​ Like

  • ​This antenna gives you the facility of using it vertically and horizontally both
  • ​The lightweight function is perfect for portability
  • ​The super coil counts every signal that is truly high-quality permission

​​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​You need to buy the mount separately

​MR1710 SuperWire Radial Set for HF Vertical Antennas from Super Antenna; Best Antenna Redial


This wire antenna redial is designed for the highest portability. With the weight of 5 ounces, it perfectly can be rolled up into your backpack, carry bag, etc. I am suggesting this for those who want to make their old antennas’ performance better.

This fully compatible super antenna redial can get connected with most vertical antennas and even with ground panels. So, there is no doubt with specifically where you need to connect it and where not. 

The copper thinned conduct ensures radial set to go super deployment than any other wire antenna redial available. 

To receive the big signal in a small package that can save both your money and time, this wire antenna redial is the perfect option for you. 

Its tangle resistance facility enhances its durability and easy setup function. 

Special Note: For transmitting and receiving functions without any signal lost, this wire antenna redial is at its best result.

​​What I ​ Like

  • ​This antenna is ideal for travel purposes
  • ​The easy setup facility saves your time
  • ​With 13-meter wire length, this is enough to cover up a place for sound networking

​​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​You need to buy the mount separately if you are planning to set it in an open place

​What to Concern before Buying the Best HF Antennas?

​I always consider two major facts before buying any ham radio antenna. I think you should also focus on these terms rather than judging too many things.

​For Which Purpose You will Buy

​There can be many reasons why you want to make your compact personal radio station. If you are a hunter or having a journey in the jungle, you need an antenna that is portable and compact. If you are at home willing to enjoy DXing, then there are many products that let you catch unknown station signals with ease.

Moreover, antennas with strong communication have a pretty complex construction with fair transmission features. So, it is necessary to buy a product depending on the type of work you are doing to do with it in the future.

​Where You will Install

​Only some rare models can work well in any place you want. In common, people having amateur stations at home get confused between two places, backyard, and roof. Besides, you can attach the bottom of your antenna with your balcony's wall. It's fully up to you.

The catch here is you can fix a place for installing an antenna according to your comfort and station's betterment. But for that, you need to find out the specific type of antenna that can work well on the place you have fixed for installation.

​How to Buy the Best Vertical HF Antennas?

​Experienced buyers usually don't depend on any buying guide. But it is important for a new buyer to know the considerations to remember while buying a new antenna. Because of this, I am showing you the primary buying guide of purchasing HF antennas for ham radios. I have tried my best to make the guide look easy to all of you.


​An ideal height makes your transmission smooth and clear. Many might suggest you calculate and know the right height for your antenna. But I should say that you need to take everything simply. All you need to do is to make sure you get the antenna that is higher than trees and buildings nearby. Long trees and buildings often become an obstacle for the antenna to catch or send waves. An antenna with more height than things nearby can receive or send frequencies over the objects consistently.

​Body Material

​Here, I am not going to talk about the wires or coils inside the antenna that does the main job. I am indicating the outer body. Durable vertical pole antennas have thin metal bodies that can protect the inner construction pretty well. Wire antennas that you need to hang don't have a metal coating. But they have a strong thing covering over the wires to make the construction durable.

In case, if you are looking for typical antennas, make sure the metal can work well without being obstacles by rust. And, wired antennas must have thick coatings outside to be weather resistant in any case.


​These days, the latest models come with all the tools and accessories you need to mount an antenna on the ground or roof. So, getting all the things you need along with an antenna in the same budget is truly good.

On the other hand, the setup should not take too much time. Suppose, you are on a hunting trip and you have spent more than a couple of hours in mounting the antenna, which is totally a waste of time. Lengthy installations give you lees time in enjoying your trip or other activities. So, quick and easy installation is a mandatory feature for vertical ham radio antennas.

​Power Supply

Well, if you are on a tour, the only way to power up your antenna is to use a battery. Antennas that need batteries as the power source can also be used at home. But for ham radio stations at home, you should be looking for antennas with electric connection cables that you can attach with your home's electric power supply.


It is obvious that lighter antennas work well for years. Nowadays, it is hard to find heavy vertical ham antennas. That is why it is considered good to look for options in the market that weigh lighter.

Apart from all these, there are some more minor facts to judge for buying the best HF vertical antennas, such as warranty, band, etc. If you are not in a hurry and have quite a good budget in your hand, then don't negotiate any of the minor considerations.


​For me, Super Antenna's MP1DXTR80 is the right type of product that gives the awesome experience of communication with a good range. It has most of the features you need unlike other so-called best vertical antennas without radials or with less redials online. But if you are fascinated about DXing, for example, want to have signals of weather stations to know forecast staying in the jungle or something like this situation, MP1LXMAX is the right one for you.

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