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Quietest Performance Mufflers

Dynomax 17748 Super Turbo Muffler

Vibrant 1142 3" Ultra Quiet Resonator​

MagnaFlow 10416 Exhaust Muffler

Creating excessive sounds with your vehicle can put you and your surroundings in trouble in many ways. High-frequency sound from cars' exhaust system can cause disturbance to others. Even the driver of the car can also get a weak hearing strength and migraine. To get rid of the sound pollution for the betterment of everybody, many states and regions have made laws for drivers to keep vehicle sound in the eligible range set by the authority. That is why you need to consider the quietest performance muffler as the mandatory part of your vehicle if you think your vehicle's sound can violate the traffic law. 

I am not insisting you buy a muffler only for the state traffic law. If you do a little deep research, you can find experts suggest to use mufflers to get the best output from vehicle engines. Many people don't want to buy mufflers as they think good ones don't fit in tight budgets, and it is hard to find good ones among so many similar looking products. So, I have thought why not help them to get the right type of mufflers without having trouble? If you also want to know what are the best mufflers now in the market, read my reviews and thoughts below.

Best quite mufflers are those which don't become an obstacle for the engine and exhaust to perform normally despite reducing the exhaust noise in an effective range. Normally, most mufflers or resonators make your car a bit quiet or sound good. But they force the engine to consume more fuel as they create excessive back pressure because of critical gas flow. 

The best ones have the construction that makes the main difference from cheap and crappy ones. Quality mufflers eliminate the unacceptable sound waves inside the exhaust without stopping gasses from flowing. Apart, there are lots more things like materials, inlet diameter, etc. that play effective roles in the performance of a muffler.

Reviews of the Best Quietest Performance Mufflers and Resonators

​Going through the reviews of some popular options is the best way to get the right option. Here, you get to see some famous mufflers that work according to the way they should. These mufflers have the capability of letting you drive without getting the attention of the traffic polices. Moreover, a few of you might want to know about some resonators to use with mufflers. That is why my list also includes resonators that can work as replacements of mufflers or supports of mufflers. Now, compare the reviews below to know what can help you in the next customization of your car.

​17748 Super Turbo Muffler by Dynomax


This 17748 is the quietest exhaust muffler for automobiles. It is one of the quality turbo types that can do the best without causing trouble to the car engine. It is a good option if you want the best from your car on the roads.

The whole construction is capable of reducing noise without becoming an obstacle to the engine and exhaust. This is the best feature an exhaust muffler can give. Recent tests by experts prove that this muffler can't put any bad impact on the fuel consumption rate of the engine even within a couple of years. 

The internal tubes are friendly to pass gas without putting any sorts of pressure on the exhaust. Because of maintaining a low back pressure rate, your car engine can work normally. The inlet diameter of this muffler is around 2.5 inches. 

Surprisingly this awesome muffler can also make a truck quiet enough. So, you can buy this one if you have a heavy vehicle in your garage. It fits most of the exhausts in the market. 

I think you don't have to hustle too much in fitting this muffler with your car's exhaust pipe. The reversible construction is an additional feature that ensures the longevity of this product in many ways.

Special Note: You can hear your car sound like new ones when you install this muffler. It reduces more than 80 percent of exhaust noise and creates good and precise engine sound.

​​What I ​ Like

  • ​The aluminized steel construction can go through any situation and hold the quality of the product
  • ​The internal construction doesn't force the engine to consume more fuel and work silently
  • ​2.5 inches inlet diameter ensures good airflow without making any noise
  • ​The fiberglass inside can eliminate more than half of the noise created by the exhaust
  • ​The reversible design is standard and easy to install

​​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​In some cars, you need to do some modifications to the muffler to install

​1142 Ultra Quiet Resonator from Vibrant Performance


This resonator gets a place in my today's list because of the engine friendly performances. It might not do the best in reducing sound but actually lets your car's exhaust system do the job well. The resonator can work well with most exhaust pipes and mufflers in the market you get. 

The key feature is not for reducing noise here. The construction actually helps to control the engine sound note for quite a few years. It eliminates unusual higher frequency sound waves in the exhaust pipe. People who love to have a deep and high pitch engine sound note can install it on vehicles' exhausts. It pleases your ears without violating any law. 

The product decreases the back pressure level than many other quality mufflers. It lets the engine stay cool and work normally. The gas flow stays precise here without creating unwanted noises. The straight-through gateway helps to let the exhaust pipe stay in a good temperature range. 

Surprisingly, it has three inches inlet diameter that can never be an obstacle to the easy installation of the resonator.

Special Note: The t304 stainless steel is worth buying in any condition. The product stays durable to hold the performance of exhaust pipes of most cars and other vehicles. It is the main reason that the resonator can work at any temperature to help the exhaust system.

​​What I ​ Like

  • ​The product can let the exhaust pipe release gases without getting interrupted
  • ​This stainless steel construction is leak-proof and fights against rust and corrosion
  • ​The exhaust temperature can't stop the resonator from working as it has a solid and friendly construction
  • ​The compact size features a hustle-free installation on the latest car models
  • ​The construction doesn't increase the oil absorption rate of the engine

​​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​The product only fights against unusual loud noises from the exhaust pipes. It never makes your car quiet

​MagnaFlow’s 10416 Exhaust Muffler


If you want to make your car sound like other sports cars, you can try this one. It comes at a reasonable price than other resonators and mufflers. It has a stylish look and precise construction that can help your car engine work better. 

The muffler has a stainless steel construction that ensures the product stays strong for years. Moreover, the muffler can also fight against rust without any regular maintenance. The muffler is a good pick to increase the performance of the car's exhaust system. 

The joints of this muffler are pretty stiff. You can't find any leakage issues within at least three or four years. It always helps exhaust pipes to produce the necessary airflow. 

The inlet diameter is almost 2.5 inches, which is quite acceptable these days. It is a risky job to install this on your own. It is better to hire a professional for this job. 

The straight-through structure lets your exhaust pipe work freely without making any odd noises. It also puts some good effects and makes your car fuel-efficient.

Special Note: If you buy this product, you get to have the classical MagnaFlow sound that is never less than any race car. It ensures your exhaust to make less but good sound consistently.

​​What I ​ Like

  • ​The muffler has a simple and solid straight-through inner construction for the best airflow facility
  • ​The product features you durable stainless steel construction free of rust for years
  • ​You can also use this product to replace a resonator from the vehicle exhaust pipe
  • ​The material kills many unwanted sound waves inside the construction to make your car sound good

​​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​The muffler needs lots of modifications while installing most of the time

​31062 Loud Mouth Bullet Type Resonator by SLP Performance Parts


People who are looking for something sturdy and durable can use this pair. Surely, they are going to love it with their branded vehicles. This pair of resonators doesn't feature too many facilities. But it gives basically what it needs to. 

These resonators are quite effective in reducing noises coming out of your vehicle's exhaust pipe. Like many other popular mufflers, this pair also reduces more than half of the unwanted noise coming out of the engine. 

This pair allows proper gas flow from the pipe to stop gases from making any unpleasant sound. But if somehow any noise gets created, the noise-reducing material kills it inside the exhaust pipe.

This pair of resonators fits well with traditional 2.5 inches exhaust pipes usually found these days. The installation doesn't need any modification or customization of the exhaust pipe.

Special Note: This pair can work as both resonators and mufflers. You can get all the features of mufflers from this set of resonators. Truly, it's an efficient pair.

​​What I ​ Like

  • ​The resonators can make the car sound less even if the engine or exhaust has any issues
  • ​The manufacturer has integrated solid steel to make it durable with any type of vehicle
  • ​The length is more than 16 inches, which helps the resonators to have good control over the sound coming out of exhaust pipes
  • ​These resonators also fit great with vehicle models after 2014

​​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​The resonators might decrease the sound waves but never changes the sound type

​Walker’s Economy Pro-Fit Universal Muffler 17886


Though it is not one of those super quiet mufflers you get to see in the market, it does great in many ways. This muffler doesn't cost you too much. You can buy this if you want lots of customization in your personal vehicles. This cheap muffler is a blessing for DIY guys who work to on their cars by themselves. 

This fitting is not an issue when you buy this product for your car. The universal fitting can do great with any models to reduce noise. But in some cases, you might have to do some modification for the right fitting. 

As I have said earlier, it is not the quietest. But I think it does great in making the exhaust sound in the eligible range. You can have a smoother sound from your engine than before after using this muffler in your car.

The simple and standard design is another catchy thing about this product. You can fit this muffler in either way for your comfort. The inner pipe or passage is around two inches, which is quite enough and handy. The inner structure is friendly enough for a better flow of gases from the exhaust. 

The aluminized steel construction is not too heavy for any models. It has the right weight with the right size. The upper construction has a sturdy covering that makes this muffler last longer than other budget noise reducers.

Special Note: Despite being so cheap, the muffler has a rich coating on top of the steel. This bush coating gives a good fight against rust to increase the lifespan of the product.

​​What I ​ Like

  • ​The muffler can reduce more than 50 percent of the exhaust noise to make your car sound nice
  • ​The catchy look is good with any type of cars or jeeps
  • ​This product has a strong bush coating over the aluminized construction
  • ​The product can last for years without any extra maintenance

​​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​The muffler has lots of leakage issues that you need to fix before installing in your car
  • ​The size is not too compact for most of the latest car models

​17715 Turbo Muffler by Thrush


As it is a turbo muffler, it surely works a bit better than other normal chambered ones. I like this 17715 muffler for some specific reasons. The main of them is the solid construction. It ensures both longevity and vital performances for years. 

To make this product user-friendly for most of the drivers, the construction is reversible. You can reverse it anyway to install properly in your exhaust system. It also takes less time than others for installation.

The construction weighs a bit more than usual ones. It is because the muffler has double aluminized coating. Such a coating enhances to look also. Moreover, bush finishing attracts many drivers. It doesn't fade away so easily. 

The product fights against rust and corrosion to keep up the quality. It needs less maintenance to stay in good shape. It works fine even with cars from 2012 and after. 

The whole construction mainly features low-back pressure that lets your car engine to work normally. The compact size is another reason behind the good engine performance in many cases.

Special Note: The construction has no leakage. You can't even find any leakage even after attaching under your car. Because of this, your engine gets the necessary support every time.

​​What I ​ Like

  • ​The product has a simple design that functions precisely
  • ​It doesn't put any negative impact on the fuel absorption rate of the engine
  • ​The muffler has a fine coating to protect the inner construction
  • ​The tri flow technology of this muffler lets the exhaust pipe feature the necessary airflow
  • ​The reversible design allows you to use it with most car models

​​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​The muffler is doesn't seem to be effective in reducing the noise of exhaust pipes

​71236 Exhaust Muffler from Flowmaster


It is one of those budget mufflers that I think can do great for people who don't have enough money to customize their cars. The Flowmaster exhaust muffler is pretty durable with cars and jeeps in the long run. The product is cheap but comes handy in many ways to affect your car performances. 

The construction features you stainless steel that makes it sturdier than other cheap products of the market. Though I don't recommend this muffler for modern-day cars and race cars, you can still use it to control the noise. 

The 409S stainless steel casing also puts some good impact on the look of your car. The casing material can absorb sound in a good range.  I see this muffler doesn't put too much effect on the fuel consumption of a car. That is why the absorption power doesn't cause too much trouble for the engine.

You can also take the straight-through design as a positive side of this product. It features a pleasant flow of gases without any break. Also, due to the handy structure, you can install the product in both directions according to your car model.

Special Note: The fitting is quite awesome. It fits with any of your personal vehicles. Moreover, this muffler features a classical sound from the exhaust of any car.

​​What I ​ Like

  • ​The muffler doesn't make the exhaust sound weird like other cheap chambered mufflers
  • ​The muffler ensures the necessary gas flow with the help of a straight perforated core inside it
  • ​It fits with any classical and modern exhaust system
  • ​The product is easy to install in less time
  • ​The brightness and look of this muffler remains same for years

​​What I Didn’t Like

  • ​The sound absorption rate isn't even half of the rate of other high-performance chambered mufflers

​What to Concern before Buying Quiet Mufflers?

​I need you to focus on the considerations mentioned below as it lets you know which types are perfect options for your vehicles. These considerations don't let you get lost among lots of available options in the market.

​Vehicle Model

​The first thing you need to know is which mufflers can work with your vehicle. You need to go through the product description with the muffler to know whether it can work with your car's engine or not.

​Exhaust System

​There are mainly two types of exhaust systems; single and dual. You need to buy a new muffler depending on the type of exhaust your vehicle has.

​Inlet and Outlet Diameters

​For the perfect fitting, the inlet and outlet diameters of both exhaust pipe and muffler should match perfectly. Otherwise, you can get leakage issues too often.

Muffler Length

​This is another term that you need to judge for the perfect fitting. You should know how much space is left in the exhaust system to install a muffler.


​I can see that quality and effective mufflers usually come in a range of 20 to 100 USD. But there are some other models than can cost you more than hundred dollars. I think you don't have to go over 100 dollars if you are not driving any race car or cargo truck.

​How to Buy Quietest Performance Mufflers?

​This buying guide lets you know about the facts to judge when you are buying a muffler. The buying guide gives you a transparent idea about quality mufflers.

​Muffler Type

​There are three types of mufflers you can see in the market. They are straight-through, chambered, and turbo. Each of them has a unique structure and design that help vehicle exhaust sound like the way you want without any issues.


​Also known as glass packs, these mufflers have a straight pipe that has an outer covering of materials that can reduce sounds a bit. Frankly speaking, most straight-through models don't reduce sound but help engines to perform better. Nowadays, some new straight-through mufflers can reduce noise along with keeping up the car performance. These types are perfect for racing mustangs and highway trucks and cargos.


​Chambered mufflers have complex inner constructions that ensure the sound waves created inside to eliminate each other before going out. These mufflers are granted by most countries and states as they keep vehicles less noisy. I find this type to eliminate more than 70 percent of the exhaust noise any every condition. But here, the catch is, this type of mufflers often create lots of back pressure that can force an engine to consume more fuel and work less than before sometimes. You need to be cautious while buying a chambered muffler as only a few of them are friendly with the engines.


​Turbo is costly but the most effective type I can see. This type can fight with the noise issue like chambered ones, and help the vehicle engine like straight-through ones. So, if you have a healthy budget, go for this type. Turbo mufflers are good for high-performance engines.

​Muffler Material

If you have gone through the review section, then you should know that I have only picked aluminum and stainless on my list. It is because no other metal type can be as strong and sustainable as them.

Noise Reduction

For me, the ideal noise reduction level is around 65 to 85 percent. Otherwise, the muffler becomes unable to stop your vehicle from making the loud and unpleasant sound.

Type of Noise

Usually, a quality muffler doesn't bring change in the core sound from the engine and exhaust. A resonator can do the job of changing the type of the sound pretty well. If you are having any issues with the sound type, then do buy a good resonator along with a muffler.


Usually, a quality muffler doesn't bring change in the core sound from the engine and exhaust. A resonator can do the job of changing the type of the sound pretty well. If you are having any issues with the sound type, then do buy a good resonator along with a muffler.


​Most of the time, manufacturers give not more than five years of warranty to a muffler. You are lucky if you get more than five years of warranty.


​To help you get the quietest car muffler, I have shown five quietest performance mufflers of the market along with two resonator models in case if you need a resonator to customize your vehicle sound also. To be honest, several more options in the market are really worth buying. I have only mentioned those options that are highly recommended by DIY enthusiasts and reputed mechanics. My last suggestion for you is to buy something that can help you drive following the vehicle noise laws of your state, but not by causing any trouble to your car engine.

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